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Sewer Shield 100
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SS 100 Application Specification

Sewer Shield 100 is our pride and joy. This was the first coating we engineered ourselves back in 1997. Recognizing where typical industry coatings were failing with only a 30% resistance, we knew we needed a solution that could withstand the hot Phoenix Valley underground environments. So we researched, engineered, and began to manufacture bisphenol-Aツnovolac epoxy unlike any other. It was the first product to offer 98% acid resistance, and is the highest overall chemical resistant coating on the market. We designed this coating to withstand the heaviest and most corrosive environments.

Have you ever seen florescent light bulbs that claim to be better because they are more environmentally friendly? With all the mercury they release into the air and soil, it窶冱 an absolute joke to claim they are 窶徃reen窶. Our coating is made from inert materials and have 0% VOCs which means we do NOT harm the soil, water, or air making our coating a truly environmentally friendly product.

Sewer Shieldツョツ100 is a 100% solids, solvent free, low odor, epoxy system, impervious to a wide variety of acids, solvents, caustic solutions, oils, grease and many other chemicals. Sewer Shieldツョツ100 is specially formulated for various setting times and with virtually no odor, making it the ideal protection system for use in the food, dairy, meat beverage, brewery, and chemical industries. Sewer Shield 100, when cured, provides an impervious, hygienic, easy to clean surface. Its unique formula, which incorporates special adhesion promoters and stress recovering additives, provides a tenacious bond to most surfaces including damp concrete, while also providing ample resilience to resist most cracking from thermal or physical abuse. Sewer Shieldツョツ100 is excellent as a lining system against chemical attack to walls, sumps, trenches, pits and is extremely effective in manholes and below-ground wastewater protection.

Recommended for:

Manholes, Wet Wells, Grit Chambers, Headwork Channels, Clarifiers, Acid Containment, Thickeners, Sewer Piping, Floors, all areas exposed to Hydrogen Sulfide.



Sewer Shieldツョツ100 is applied by trowel to a thickness of 1/8″ (up to 1/4″) in one application, which is then smoothed out by using a short nap roller moistened with a solvent and back rolled over the liner. This will flatten the liner and give it a smooth finish. It’s self-priming capabilities and tolerance for damp surfaces offers the installer many labor saving steps as well as less shut down time due to the fact that Sewer Shieldツョツ100 has very low odor and no solvent. No special precautions are necessary to help contain any odor or solvent smell, often found in many other systems.

Sewer Shieldツョツ100 is ideal for smoothing out pitted concrete walls, especially where a smooth, impervious surface is required. Further crack resistance due to concrete cracking can be enhanced by applying our Sewer ShieldツョツCaulk 100 over cracks and followed by the application of Sewer Shieldツョツ100.



Coverage is dependent on the texture of the substrate. The average rate per gallon is 12.8 square feet at 1/8″ thick.

  • Setting Times:
    Sewer Shieldツョツ100 is available in the following setting times:

    Sewer Shieldツョツ100 for normal ambient temperature.
    Sewer ShieldツョツFS (fast set) for fast setting times at ambient temperatures.
    Sewer ShieldツョツXFS (extra fast set) for extra fast setting times at ambient temperatures.
    Sewer ShieldツョツCS (cold set) for temperatures down to 35ツーF.


Sewer Shieldツョツ100 is supplied in the following colors: Gray, Beige, and White. Special colors are available upon request.


Packaging and Mixing:

Sewer Shieldツョツ100 is supplied in either a pre-measured one-gallon pack or as a standard three-gallon pack. Pour the contents of Part B into Part A and mix thoroughly with either a low speed drill (700 rpm) or a bucket mixer to a uniform consistency for approximately one minute, then add the pre-measured bag of Sewer Fill and mix again, making sure the sides and bottom are scraped. If a mixing paddle is too small, it will not give a uniform mix and an incomplete cure will result together with wet spots. Over mixing with a high-speed drill will shorten the pot life as well as introduce excess air into the mix.



Sewer Shieldツョツ100 is self-priming on new and existing concrete. However, if Sewer Shieldツョツis to be applied over “green concrete,” then our Corro-Cure (a slow setting primer) must be used within 24 hours from pour, after which Sewer Shieldツョツcan be applied.

New and existing concrete exposed to full sun must have a coat of Sewer Shieldツョツprimer to stop out-gassing which creates bubbles in the finish coat.