Our Cause

Our Commitment

Helping our environment through cleaner, safer, and more efficient coatings

Bio-corrosion is the reason our company exists. Various microorganisms, such as anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, can eat away both metallic and nonmetallic surfaces. Acidithiobacillus bacteria produce sulfuric acid (H2SO4) which oxidizes iron and creates rust. This and other forms of environmental bacteria commonly thrive in sewers and other below ground structures, containment areas, and highly humid environments. While these microscopic organisms are invisible to the naked eye, their damage is clear and obvious. For instance, pitting, discoloration, and disintegration are all visible signs of corrosion. Unseen, is the bacteria窶冱 chemical production of sulfuric acid emitting hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a toxic gas permeating a foul, pungent odor, as it erodes away the surface. It is extremely important to monitor the integrity of an exposed structure so proper restoration can be performed, toxins are kept to a minimum, and public safety is maintained.